Direct services include:

  • Communication to the business community related to regulatory funding and development matters
  • Training and education of the business owners and employees through seminars, informational days, speeches, training sessions/courses and training through projects
  • Consulting and counselling in the form of basic advice to young aspiring entrepreneurs and new businesses (start-ups)
  • Funding information and support for all businesses, sector specific support and advocacy, export support, etc.
  • Surveys, Opinion Polls

Indirect services include:

  • Support to CCCI in the operation of the Business Registry and the related certifications
  • Preparation and documentation of development policies and plans for CCCI
  • Preparation and related documentation to support advocacy activities of CCCI

ETAN services are provided within the main CCCI building and remotely. They are offered by several desks:

Export Support desk

Dedicated staff is in constant contact with the exporters community in Chania, providing information on opportunities abroad.

They provide information on international shows and occasionally coordinates group expositions of several Chania exporters under the ban of Chania Chamber of Commerce and Industry. On selected markets the Chamber undertakes part of the exhibition costs to support and enlarge the exporters’ base.

Export support staff also coordinates and organizes targeted information and training sessions with various experts in the field of exports, thus providing and disseminating export expertise in Chania which otherwise would not be.

They also undertake the promotion of locally produced products (such as traditional foodstuff) and services (such as tourism) by supporting sectoral promotions, advocating for sectoral issues, leveraging business interest of selected markets and mobilizing private investment involvement on export oriented business development.

During the offering of the service great care is taken on issues of equitable distribution of services and benefits as well as keeping high levels of innovation and technology utilization for the benefit of the service and the exporters community of Chania.

One of the main vehicles of service delivery is the dedicated site Chania Values where the whole of the export business community in Chania is presented according to the products and services and with links to each exporter’s site.

Services to SMEs desk

Specially trained staff offers services to SMEs on several domains of interest to them. Those most common include:

  • Information about the funding programmes targeted to SMEs, short comprehensive descriptions timely posted on the CCCI/ETAN websites and Newsletters and organization of information events across the municipalities of Chania Regional Unit.
  • Information and training seminars on matters of interest to SMEs such as organization, management, human resources, taxation, marketing, ICT, exports, etc.
  • Organization of safety seminars for SMEs
  • Development and operation of a business internet platform for the compilation of all SMEs in the Regional Unit of Chania with a multiple of services such as the option for each SME to present its business, connect to their own site, publicize their news/events and special offers to their customers, etc. This platform will also provide an easy to use Chania’s business directory for domestic and international individuals and businesses for both B2C and B2B interactions.
  • Documentation and Advocacy Support for sectoral and regional issues, existing, lagging or arising from EU, national or regional regulatory evolution