Chania Development Corporation’s network, is effectively that of Chania Chamber of Commerce & Industry’s network, which comprises of all the Chamber related regional, national and international bodies, including:

Regional (Region of Crete and Regional Unit of Chania)

Crete’s Chambers of Commerce & Industry

There is an informal but close collaboration among the four Chambers of Commerce and Industry in Crete which is comprised by the Chambers of Chania, Rethymnon, Heraklion and Lasithi. This network is utilized for issues deriving from the Regional authorities of Crete and is instrumental in promoting Crete’s business community interests at the regional and regional unit level.

Crete Development Agency SA

This is a regional company owned by the four Crete CCIs, the University of Crete and the two regional cooperative banks of Crete (Pancretan Cooperative Bank and Cooperative Bank of Chania).

Its main purpose is to manage structural programs for regional businesses by receiving, evaluating and overseeing their proper implementation. (Website)

Bilateral and multilateral networking

ETAN and CCCI maintain regular formal and informal collaborations with the regional Higher Education Institutions in Crete such as the Technical University of CreteTechnological Institute of Crete, Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Chania etc.

Also, they maintain regular communication and collaboration with all Municipalities in Chania Regional Unit for local development issues and all trade associations and business groups, many of which have their business offices at the CCCI building.

Ad-hoc multilateral networking is maintained for regional issues as they arise and usually the locus of such deliberations and activities is the CCCI building in Chania’s center.


Union of Hellenic Chambers

CCCI is a member of the main national union of Greece’s CCIs. The country’s Business Registry is integrated and operated nationally by the UHC and at the regional unit level by the individual CCIs. It is also the common body for the country’s CCIs for their relations with the National Government, Eurochambres and the European Union. (Website)

Hellenic Chambers Transport Association

It aims to develop all kinds of transportation in Greece. Its special importance is derived from the specific geography of the country with many inhabited islands with particular economy and transport related issues. (Website)

Association of Chambers of Commerce for the Development of Greek Islands – EOAEN

It was established to focus on the development of island regions and their businesses. It is the foremost business network dedicated to the development of the many island economies of Greece with considerable networking in the EU and the neighboring regions. (Website)

European Union


The main CCI body in Europe where all CCIs are members through their national bodies. It is the main CCI advocacy body for the EU political and administrative bodies. (Website)

Network of the Insular Chambers of Commerce & Industry of the European Union – INSULEUR

An island specific network of EU CCIs for the economic and social development of EU’s islands. (Website)


International Chamber of Commerce – ICC

This is the international body of CCIs which plays an important role in the definition and certification of international trade. (Website)

Association of the Mediterranean Chambers of Commerce & Industry – ASCAME

A regionally specific CCI body including CCIs for EU’s southern neighbouring countries. (Website)

Project based networking

ETAN and CCCI maintain and continuously cultivate relations with various regional, national and international business related entities that have common interests and can mutually benefit from collaborations on regional development issues.